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About Us

General Info

The QueerFilmFest Rostock creates a shared space for the lovers of queer films and adds to Rostock’s cultural diversity. It also draws attention to the fact that people are still discriminated against because of their gender identity, sexual orientation or relationship choices.

The QueerFilmFest Rostock is non-commercial and independent. There are no set ticket prices, we only ask for a donation at the entrance. The festival is financed through these donations and grants from various organizations.

The festival is organized by volunteers and takes place at the Peter-Weiss-Haus in Rostock.

The festival takes place every year in October on one weekend from Thursday through to Saturday. There are two film blocks per night. We screen feature films, shorts, documentaries, animations and experimental films as well as music videos from all over the world. The festival ends with the big closing party.

We have an audience of about 100 – 140 people per film block.

We do Q & A sessions after the screenings with directors, actors or organizers of other festivals.

The festival does not present any awards.

You can get in touch with us through the contact form.

Taking a look at the gallery will give you a feel of what our festival is like.

Information for Filmakers

As stated above, we are very small and non-commercial. We welcome films of any genre from all over the world, including experimental films and music videos.

If you would like to submit a film in a language other than German, including subtitles would be great.

We screen our films using a laptop and video projector, so a file works best for us as a screening copy. We also welcome DVDs, of course.

If the submission form does not work, you can submit your film via e-mail by clicking on the envelope below. Please include a screener link and a password.